A quick experiment for #TweetTweetJam3, where you try to make a game with less than 560 characters (two tweets). I wanted to see if I could recreate the "Tea Party" game from Fire Emblem: Three Houses using the Ink narrative scripting language. Results: sort of got there! I had to cut almost all the text, and butcher my code into one-letter variable names, but the basics are there in 557 characters :) 

Play: pick a character and choose a conversational topic to discuss. If you pick three topics that are actually interesting to the character in a row, you get a "perfect teatime". That's it. That's the game.

Because this moment naturally occurs about a quarter of the way into the story, you won't be able to do particularly well in this version if you aren't familiar with the conversational preferences of the characters. 

If I had more characters, it would be trivial to add more topics, more characters, tea selection, multi-tea-party play etc. If anyone wants to use my code to take a crack at doing so, please go right ahead!

Here's the entire source code; load this into the Inky Editor if you want to play/hack on it:

LIST C=Sylvain,Edelgard,Bernadetta
LIST T=sweets,school,romance,battle
VAR S=(romance,battle)
VAR E=(battle,school)
VAR B=(school,sweets)
->a =a
Tea with
+…{C(1)}[?]! ->b(S)
+…{C(2)}[?]! ->b(E)
+…{C(3)}[?]! ->b(B) =b(t)
~T += t
->c =c
~temp i=0
{T?T(i): <-d(T(i))}
} =d(s)
+ [Talk about {s}]
The conversation got
<> lively!
{H>2:Perfect teatime!|->c}
<> awkward :(

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